Smart NFC Business Cards Advantages

NFC business card is the business card for the future.  Smart Digital Business Cards allows you to share your contact details in one tap.

Smart NFC Business Cards Advantages

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When you give out your business card you are offering your business contact. An NFC business card is no ordinary business card, it is a card embedded with a tiny microchip that when touched to a smartphone asks the phone to do something like save a contact detail, play music or video, or maybe download your business portfolio, show a map of your business location etc.

An NFC business card does not have to contain just your business address and phone numbers, it can hold even your business location map, opening and closing hours, the menu of your daily specials and even offers etc. It doesn’t take anything to read an NFC business card than an NFC enabled smartphone. Just touch your NFC business card to any NFC enabled smartphone and instantly the content pops up for your to choose an action like maybe save a contact, call a number, check out a web link etc. You don’t even need to install any app or download any software to scan the NFC tag.

So you see that an NFC business card offers an interactive experience beyond what has been possible with traditional print.

The advantages of using an NFC business card are countless;

  • You don’t have to fear your clients losing your business card
  • It also creates a good impression on clients and business partners
  • Your business contact information will now be always saved by the recipients
  • It is eco friendly
  • Be ahead of your competitors
  • Be social: Link your social media profiles to your NFC business card
  • Be visible: Link your video or photo galleries to your NFC business card
  • You can now give out more information like numbers, emails, web addresses etc in just one card
  • You don’t have to carry a lot of cards anymore
  • Be superior: While others are still using QR codes migrate to NFC
  • Highly reduced chance of loss of information.

The future of business cards! For people who wish to make a memorable 1st impression.

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