Why Clients Choose RIBS Smart vCard?

We are proud to introduce RIBS Smart vCard. Fast, Simple & Easy Way To Share Your Contact Info.

Why Clients Choose RIBS Smart vCard?

Everything you need to know about an NFC business card, please visit here

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Constant innovation drives us as a company and helps us to find solutions for our customers tomorrow that wasn't possible yesterday. 

Share your business contacts to the whole world with the amazing possibilities of the Smart Digital Business Card by RIBS vCard!.


Non-reusable paper business cards have long been used to share contact info with guests and partners. As part of RIBS Smart vCard to sustainability and innovation, they have introduced new NFC Smart business cards that are eco-friendly and hassle-free, transferring contact details with just a simple tap.


Business owners who were not looking for a digital presence before the pandemic has realized in recent digital word that they need to make a transition. Create your digital profile, keep your information up to date, customize your profile to match your branding, and share your contacts.


Our aim is to help bring out the uniqueness of each individual.

The over-competitive nature of our world makes it increasingly difficult for people to stand out, which means many get left behind. Having realized these problems, we decided to develop a disruptive tool that gives you the edge in any situation with one tap, you can share what really matters and build real relationships while saving the planet.


Why Use a Digital Visiting Card (RIBS Smart vCard)?

  • Brand your business anywhere in the world
  • Easy Customization as per your needs
  • Create an instant lead generation
  • Innovative opening for your Digital presence
  • Track how many members visit your card

The future of business cards

For people who wish to make a memorable 1st impression!

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