Save Environment and be a part of Eco-Friendly!

NFC card not only lets businesses go green, but it saves money, trees, and our eco-system as well.

Save Environment and be a part of Eco-Friendly!

Everything you need to know about an NFC business card, please visit here

NFC business card saves paper:

Be honest - most paper business cards are gathering dust in the office drawers around the world. Be a pioneer in digital networking and offer your customers the best way to network directly with you. You'll save paper and protect the environment at the same time - it doesn't get more sustainable than that. According to research, 9 out of10 business cards or flyers end up not used, lost or in the trash...

No reprint or reproduce

Don’t be tired of reprinting paper business cards whenever you run out of them. You never have to do this again when you switch to NFC card. You can use your card over and over, without ever needing to replace it. Not only does this it saves your money, but it will also allow you to lower your carbon footprint.

Rewritable and reusable 

What if you need to update or edit some details? You don’t have to purchase another NFC card because it’s rewritable! It’s easy to change the details or links written in your NFC card.

Sustainable Networking

 Make a Memorable first impression and Reduce Wastepaper business cards have been used for centuries. Unfortunately, they’re expensive and harmful to the environment, not to mention ordinary.

How is NFC an eco-friendly card?

Instead of more trees being cut down we can do our part to help save our forests by using eco-friendly smart NFC cards and work towards restoring our natural ecosystem by donating a portion of all profits to the restoration of our national forests, in a time where the restoration of our forests is more important now than ever.

Now, what are you waiting for? it's time to remove the paper business card.

Tap your Smart Card to someone's phone to instantly share all of your contact details.

it's time to remove the paper business card.

GO Paperless > GO Contact less > Go Green.

Save some trees & planet earth.

Create your digital business card in just 5 minutes!. Click here.

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