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IoT for One-Touch Smart FM

RIBS allows easy integration with Smart IoT (Internet of Things) Buttons for enabling one-touch smart facility management. Raising support requests, reporting problems, raising breakdown work orders / cleaning orders, consumables / inventory replenishments, quick booking of meeting rooms are examples of functions that can be triggered with literally the push of a button in RIBS by using Smart IoT Buttons.

RIBS also allows these Wireless/Bluetooth enabled Smart IoT buttons to be configured to operate all equipment connected to the Building Automation System (BMS / BAS) for switching on/off individual or a set of lights, air conditioners, sprinkler systems, pumps etc.

Smart IoT Buttons

A Smart IoT Button is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled, programmable, and a cheap IoT device (Price ranges from US$10-40 depending on the brand and battery life). These attractive Smart IoT Buttons can be programmed to call or alert someone, start or stop something, order services, provide feedback, calling a taxi, ordering a refill of soft drink cans, ordering food, etc.

The Smart buttons can be configured to perform three different actions as well as multiple actions together. They are very easy to install as they don’t need any wiring since they communicate with Wi-Fi network or nearby Bluetooth devices to communicate their actions.

New IoT devices are being launched in the market like leak detectors, gas sensors, etc. and all these devices can also be easily integrated with eFACiLiTY® for detecting respective problems to create automatic high priority breakdown work orders that gets assigned to the technicians instantly.

One-Touch Facility Management Examples